KLEA Journal – Why “Love Yourself”

The word “LOVE” can draw diverse feeling, thoughts, and opinions. Often associated and expressed by romantic feeling with another person (being in love or waiting to be loved), the idea of “LOVE” has put many brokenhearted and left with the need for validity and acceptance.

Maybe it’s time to look at a different version of love often neglected and forgotten: SELF-LOVE. What is SELF-LOVE? To some people, self-love would be taking warm bath and pampering themselves. For others, it is about living intentionally with purpose and vision. Among all those differences, one thing in common is that self-love is important for our well-being.

Love brings out radiance, positive energy, and confidence into people. Love transforms people to be stronger and happier. When we carry those energy and positivity to families and friends around, imagine how influential we could be. When we feel confident with our body, figures, and differences, we feel secure without the need of validation.

We are taught to love our hobbies, our jobs, our significant someone, our family, and friends, but we often never include ourselves on the list of things we love. It is acceptable to love ourselves, without being narcissistic and selfish.

We decided to put the slogan “love yourself” as a big part of KLEA Skincare, readily visible in our product, packaging, and marketing campaign. We develop products that can take part in helping you take care of yourself: which are using natural products that are good for your body and pampering you for rejuvenation. We want to encourage all individuals to start practicing self-love and realize its importance.

“And if I asked you to name all the things that you love, how long would it take for you to name yourself?” – Unknown

Question is: How do you practice self-love?
Let us know your #selflove regime and comment below to inspire more!

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