Frequently Asked Questions

Are your products all natural?

Yes. All of our products are natural, using all-natural ingredients. Our products contain no parabens, preservatives, synthetic colourants, and fragrances. We source natural scents and colours from plant oils, clays, herbs, and spices.

Where are Klea Skincare products made?

We hand-made and pack everything with love in Indonesia.

Where does Klea Skincare ship?

We currently ship to all cities in Indonesia.

Will my Klea Skincare product expires?

Without the use of chemical preservatives (paraben), the shelf life of natural products shorten. So to be safe, we recommended that they be used 3 months after opening for best product quality (for scrubs and facial mists)

….but we have packed most of our products in smaller vessel, making them quicker to finish.

If you see “natural preservatives” are at the ingredient list of our body cleansers, body lotion, and facial scrubs series, that means they are safe to be used within 9-12 months after opening.

PS: If you can’t remember how long ago you opened the product, do a sniff test.

What about shipping rate?

All shipping rates vary according to the recipient address (vary with different cities/regions).

To find out, input your recipient address when check out to see the estimated shipping rates.

How do I apply natural body oil?

We recommend applying our natural body oil after warm shower in the morning and night. Apply 3-5 drops while adjusting accordingly to your skin needs. Your skin does not need to be fully dry to apply natural body oil, in fact, always apply on slightly damp skin because it increases absorption and spreadability. Massage for few seconds to your desired body parts. Tap dry and avoid any rubbing or scrubbing with your towel.

Note: If you feel your skin is too oily, you probably use too much of the body oil. The oil should absorb and not leave any greasy feeling at all. Your skin will feel moisturized and hydrated.

Can I apply natural body oil to my face?

Yes, you can. Most of the natural oils we use, like jojoba oil and coconut oil are beneficial to your facial skin.

However, do mind if you have oily/acne-prone skin that using too much of the natural oils might contribute to more breakouts and pore clogging.

What amount of bath salts do I add into my bath water?

The size of all of our bath salts is 100 gram and is designed to last after two baths. We suggest using 1/2 (half) of the jar for single bath.

Note: Add less for foot soak.

When do I use the facial mist?

Use facial mist after shower or cleansing your face at morning and night. Give a spritz or two to retain moisture, tighten pores, and calm the skin. Use before applying moisturizer to increase absorption. It also works as a perfect toner for your face after cleansing.

Keep them in your handbag or at the office to keep thirsty skin hydrated when needed during the day.

How do I order for hampers/gifts/souvenirs?

We are as excited as you are when it is about preparing something special for your loved ones.

If you have something in mind for custom order or need some advices, talk to us through our email at gifts@kleaskincare.com or give us a chat through (+62)8118804321.

Also, browse through our previous gift ideas/portfolios via Instagram: @kleaskincare.gifts


What is the difference between Classic Pure and Skin Potion Body Cleanser?

Classic Pure Body Cleanser is enriched with pure single blend of Lavender Oil, perfect anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties to fight against pollutants on the skin and treat acne.

.. while Skin Potion Body Cleanser is formulated with blend of Lavender, Cedarwood, and Pink Grapefruit Oil for more benefits to skin and uplifting scents to enjoy while showering.